• Pack heavier books in smaller sturdy boxes. Due to  weight, the smaller the package, the better. Consider boxes 12 x 12 x 12 inches.
  • No weapon (guns, ammunition) can be shipped or accepted.
  • When packing cutlery and other fragile items consider sturdy plastic containers. Use plenty of wrapping paper to fortify  the items.
  • Packing & reinforcing your cargo before shipment remains the most important asset in ensuring your cargo arrives safely. We ask you to invest selflessly in purchasing quality & durable packaging supplies. For large shipments such as the Gold standard relocation package, consider purchasing shrink wrap boxes from u-line (an online website) or from your local Fedex Shop or U- Haul shop for items such as boxes.
  • Televisions can be repackaged in original boxes or those  sold at U-Haul . They range from $15-22 dollars. Rest assured you’ll have peace of mind when cargo arrives safely.
  • Mattresses & box springs can be repackaged in plastic covers purchased from U-Haul. This deters dust & damage as shipping containers tend to be dusty and rigid in conformity.

Feel free to ask for advice before packing any cargo. We are at your service and our happiness is derived from your outmost satisfaction.

Maritime cargo shipment typically takes 63days to 75days to sail and clear. Once in a while, sailing duration and clearing may take less than 2 months but not typical. We ask for your patience as we diligently work to safely deliver your cargo to Kenya. 

Cargo Price Calculation=LxWxH in Inches / 1728
Multiplied by 1728 = cubic feet

Each cubic feet costs $30

Item Size Amount
Small Box (SM) 18X18X24” $ 145
Medium Box (MED) 20x20x24” $ 180
Large Box (LG) 24x18x24” $ 140
Extra-Large Box (XLG) 24.5x24.5x27.5” $ 300
Shorty wardrobe Box 24x21x34” $ 297.5
The Grand Wardrobe Box 14 cu. ft $ 360
Grand wardrobe 16 cu. ft $ 440
Lawn mower  New in Box $ 325
Tires  Set of 4
$ 360
Bicycles  up to 14inch $ 75
Bicycles up to 20inch $ 110
Bicycles  above 20inch $ 150
Television up to 55inch
$ 350
Television >55 to 70 inch $ 450
Television >70inch $ 575
Barrell 35 gallon $ 200
Barrell 55 gallon
$ 295
Barrell 77 gallon
$ 335
Mattress Queen ( without box spring ) $ 330
Mattress King ( without box spring ) $ 455
Sofa set 3 seater $ 500
Sofa set 5 seater $ 745
Sofa set
7 seater
$ 950
Sofa set
Lazy boy recliner sofa
$ 325
Ladder up to 6ft
$ 150


8 by 10ft
$ 180


9 by 12ft
$ 225

  • We send a shipment each end month during the spring through end of September.
  • Contact us at or at 202-297-6038 or 0734633811 via whattsap to inquire of the next shipment date.